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issue 04: SESTA/FOSTA

[ When we talk about being inclusive in tech, one of the key components is including all major stakeholders that will be impacted by your product in order to avoid causing any type of inconvenience or harm to the user. Creating a product without key stakeholders or representatives from impacted demographics results more in creating something just because you CAN and not because you SHOULD. The impacts of SESTA/FOSTA legislation has had large repercussions on the tech industry and its consumers as a whole! This issue highlights those implications in regards to sex education, consensual sex work and human trafficking. ]

Who’s in this issue:
Vanina Tsenova / founder of Sluttish
Eva / host of What’s My Body Doing
Cameron Glover / sex educator + host of Sex Ed In Color podcast
Darren McKeeman / founder KinkBnB
Dania Micala / IG Algorithm Expert
The Childlike Empress / creates work focused on mental health, sexuality, fluidity and healing from trauma
Jessie Sage / sex worker, public speaker, sex columnist at PGH City Paper, co-host Peepshow Podcast
Kianna Chuanits / graphic designer, photographer, web developer, former burlesque dancer + sex worker

issue 03: security

[ Can you understand how important security in sextech is when it’s not just your intimate data that’s at risk but also the existing possibility of remote sexual assault? This issue covers it all. The existing threats and vulnerabilities of vibrators, connected IoT sex toys, law, data and privacy, and more! ]

Who’s in this issue:
Sarah Jamie Lewis / Executive Director of Open Privacy
Leah Callon-Butler / Cyrpto Expert & Cofounder of
Stephanie Alys / Cofounder of MysteryVibe
Internet of Dongs / Sex Toy Hacker
Maxine Lynn / IP Attorney & host of The Business of Sex podcast & author of Unzipped: Sex, Tech & the Law blog / sextech news and innovation

issue 02: sex toy engineering

[ If you’re thinking about exploring this avenue as a possible career path or interested in starting a project for fun at home on the side, the content in these pages will definitely provide you the inspiration and guidance you may be seeking!  Learn about what a career is like as a sex toy engineer, how to prototype a sex toy, an artist that engineers her orgasms into her music, what to do if you have a sex toy idea, and the first programming framework designed to give individuals more control over their sex toys! ]

Who’s in this issue:
Julia Lopez / sex toy engineer
Janet Leiberman / sex toy engineer & cofounder Dame Products
Veronique V. / sex toy entrepreneur and creator Miss VV Mystery
Kyle Machulis / software engineer & creator of sex toy programming language
Rachel Braun Scherl / Author, Orgasmic Leadership 
Sarah Petkus / Roboticist and creator of SHE BON
Von / Musician & Audio Engineer
Cunni / First smart oral sex toy
Ohnut / A bumper for bumpin
Lovely / the FitBit for your private

issue 01: sextech 101

[ If you own tech and use it on the reg, congrats! Consider yourself a technologists. As technologists, whether you are a developer, designer, tester, or none of the above, it’s so important to be aware of development bias. With this issue, the goal is to get everyone who reads it familiar with sextech. The stories and interviews in these pages go over what sextech is and is not, the past and the future of the industry, and who the pioneers are paving the way for the rest of us.]

Who’s in this issue:
Cindy Gallop / Founder MakeLoveNotPorn
Polly Rodriguez / CEO & Cofounder UnboundBabes
Bryony Cole / Founder Future of Sex & the first sextech hackathon
Alicia Sinclair / Founder b-vibe + Le Wand + The Cowgirl
Christina Antonyan / Founder Confident Lovers
Estrella Jaramillo / Cofounder B-wom


SEXTECHSPACE is a high-level digital resource on the intersection of technology and sexuality.

• establish sextech as a valid technical field

• spread awareness on an industry that many don’t know exists in order to inspire innovation within the field

• eliminate the stigma and taboos around human sexuality

• use technology as the catalyst to start dialogue around a commonly feared topic

• create awareness on the the importance of an inclusive + progressive tech industry