Sex Tech Space



“Not only is this aesthetically perfect, but you state other people’s perspectives, you give examples of where it’s leading to. AND, most important of all, you don’t sugar coat a damn thing. You talk about sexual facts that others are too afraid to admit. You talk about the ups & downs. You state what it is to be sex tech and to not be afraid or judgmental of this movement because it’s something that is consistent in our everyday lives.” -Anonymous

“I wanted to tell you that because of you I found sextech and found it so so so interesting and it has created such an interest for me. I’m building my first website and it’s on sextech and I can’t tell you enough how inspiring you are to me.”
– Anonymous

“As a young professional in the SaaS industry, I often find myself holding back to preserve my reputation or respectability when it comes to my passion for sexual health, education, and general socialization of sex. I used to find myself not “liking” certain pictures or following certain pages so that my interests weren’t on display for my social media contacts, some of them professional. I’ve always felt like I am an outsider when I feel social conversation around sex needs to become commonplace. In college, my senior thesis included arguments that Hugh Hefner was a feminist, thoughts on one of the first main stream erotic novels in the 1970s, and other themes not often included in a paper on second wave feminism. I received an “A” on my paper, but not too many comments from my professor. Here I am, a woman in software with a knack for sexual freedom who just found the term sextech. When I read the first issue of SexTechSpace, I felt like something clicked in me that has never been found, a community of women rallying for sexual freedom in the tech industry. Looking forward to reading more.”
— Mendi Short
SaaS industry Systems Analyst
Writer behind Haze&Honey

“Thanks to you, I’ve been a lot more mindful about sex and made the executive decision to never fake ‘pleasure’ during sex and it’s been AWESOME.” – Anonymous

“I didn’t know what to expect with your sex tech [publication] but I was interested so I signed up… so glad I did!! I really feel like I got some new perspectives from the interviews and it made me think and made me inspired. ”

“As a stripper turned developer I also greatly appreciate you being at the front lines of opening people’s minds so one day I can maybe feel safe to come out of the stripper closet publicly. It was hugely formative in making me who I am and sucks I have to hide that part of me” – Anonymous

“I love that you’re pushing for something that’s considered taboo and you’re shedding light on a subject that throws out a lot of shame rather than acknowledging how it can be better approached, and have bigger and better satisfaction 😎 that’s a movement I wanna jump on because, like I said, sex is a huge thing that we forget to pay attention/cater to.”
– Anonymous